Pricing for aerial photography and drone as a service operations can be tricky as each client has different needs, expectations, and required deliverables. I will work with each individual to provide a free, customized quote based on your needs. To provide a general sense of the pricing structure, below are a few example scenarios. 
1. Real Estate Photographs: Aerial photographs of a residential house or commercial building. 
     - 15 photographs unedited (in JPG or Raw) or slightly edited in Adobe Photoshop to enhance image quality could be as low as $100.00. This includes the travel to/from work location, regular back-and-forth communication with the client to ensure that expectations are being met, and web-based file-sharing delivery of photographs. Significant enhancements in post editing or special requests may require additional hours of post production for an additional cost. 
     - If a real estate photographer just needs a few aerial photographs of a home or property to supplement their own ground-based photographs, this could be as low as $50.00.
2. Real Estate Aerial Video. To provide raw film clips to the client, or to develop a 60-second marketing video for YouTube using Adobe Premiere Pro. Prices start at $250.00.
3. Drone-as-a-Service: local high school film class wants to incorporate aerial footage in a movie they are making but only needs to rent the drone (and the pilot) and wish to maintain all creative licenses to the film. Prices start at $50 base price with $50 per hour of on-location work. 

As the founder, owner, remote pilot, and post-production editor, I do not need to out-source any part of the creative digital media project. Also, if you are looking for printed images, I can refer you to some local professional print shops that have proven to be high-quality.  Specifically, I've had great experiences with Pilot Imaging in Rockville ( 

Contact me via email ( to exchange information or to schedule a phone call or in-person visit.